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Reminder to all Juniors that you should submit your Graduation Project Product Proposal by May 22 to Mrs. Butera in Guidance or Mrs. Helms in the Media Center. Any students planning to participate in a job shadowing experience as part of their project must submit the proper forms for approval. All forms are downloadable from the Graduation Project website or in the Guidance Office or Media Center.


The North Carolina Graduation Project is part of new high school exit standards for students who entered the 9th grade during the 2006-2007 school year. The Graduation Project will begin during the 2008-2009 school year during the English III course. Students will prepare the research paper requirement in English III and the portfolio, product, and presentation will be completed during the English IV course. The North Carolina Graduation Project consists of four components:

  1. PAPER - Students will prepare a 5 - 8 page research paper during their English III course. The research paper will count as 25% of the English III grade.

  2. PRODUCT - Students will create a tangible or intangible product related to the student's research paper. The product will be selected, designed, and developed by the student during the English IV course.

  3. PORTFOLIO - Students will maintain a learning record of their process throughout the Graduation Project. The portfolio will include such items as work samples, pictures, work schedules, interview logs, and periodic reflections as a showcase of the student's progress throughout the project.

  4. PRESENTATION - Students will present their Graduation Project in a 7 - 10 minute prepared speech to a panel of adult judges.



Websites Not Allowed for Use on the NCGP Research Paper

  • About.com
  • Helium.com
  • Yahooanswers
  • Infoplease
  • Ezinearticles.com

Directions for Turnitin.com Submissions


1.  Go to turnitin.com

2.  Username = student computer login with last 2 digits of student id#  @ucps.gaggle.net      (i.e. vicks40@ucps.gaggle.net) ****This is a fake e-mail.*****      Password = student-generated password.

3.  Click on the class.

4.  Click on "NCGP" (which is the first task on the list of 3) and submit paper. 5.  It takes about 5-8 minutes for the originality report.

6.  Once the originality report is complete, click on the box with the percentage.  From that screen, you will be able to print the report.


Graduation Project Ideas

  • Job shadow an art therapist and explore the field of art therapy.
  • Use word processing features and functions to create and compose music.
  • Investigate the broadcasting industry and create a public service announcement.
  • Investigate the impact of local historic churches and create a scrapbook illustrating the history.
  • Create a social marketing campaign around tobacco awareness.
  • Construct a model of a roller coaster after examining the engineering involved.
  • Plan a new crop and measure its yield results.
  • Develop flashcards, brochures, and Powerpoints to educate elementary students on the importance of physical fitness.
  • Record oral histories of veterans.



Download 2008-2009 Student Manual for Juniors

Download 2009-2010 Student Manual for Seniors

Contains guidelines for Product, Portfolio, and Presentation


General Forms
Advisor Forms
  • NOTE: Students should consider an advisor who may have expertise in the field of research. Students who do not submit an Advisor Consent Form will be assigned a faculty member by the Graduation Project Coordinator.
  • Advisor Consent Form - Submit to a Graduation Project Coordinator
  • Academic Advisor Log
Mentor Forms
Helpful Resources for the Research Paper
Product Forms
Helpful Resources for the Project
Helpful Resources for the Portfolio
Presentation Forms
Helpful Resources for the Presentation
Miscellaneous Resources


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